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Jamie S. La Mirada, CA

So I was looking for the closest Mexican restaurant to my house and found this place. I was greeted by an ultra sexy Mexican woman who happily took my order. I asked her to ring me up for the biggest burrito they’ve got . The total came up to $8.49. At a price like that I knew something giant had to be coming. When it came out it was probably the biggest burrito I’ve ever seen. I gladly plowed through the entire thing and topped it off with a Jarritos Mandarin Orange soda. I was happy as hell.

Jan K. ( Cerritos, CA )

Decided to write this review after reading the negative review from another poster, which I disagree with!

I first came here last week and have been back 3 times since! I’m a big fan of mexican food and loooove small taquerias like this one. However, not all taquerias are created equal. This one stands out from the rest.

Some places are either too Americanized where I feel like I may as well be eating at taco bell, or are so small, dirty, and inhospitable that I never go back. Not so with this place. The people here are very friendly and the food tastes great. The meat there is good quality, not too greasy like some other places. The meat is fresh and the tacos are normal sized tacos, but with plenty of filling, they don’t skimp on the meat, that’s for sure! My fave are the asada, carnitas, and tripas tacos. MUCH better than tacos el rey nearby, cheaper and faster too!

True, the salsa bar could be better but forgivable. The 4 taco deal is a steal, definitely get some tacos if you go! Not the best taco joint (for my favorite tacos on the planet I gotta go to the lbc) but since this place is just down the street from work, it’s my pick for when I need a taco fix.

Samantha L. (Venice, CA)

Taqueria Las Comadres is my FAVORITE place to grab lunch. Working in La Mirada makes it very hard to find good lunch places and i’ll admit I’m kind of an Angeleno food snob but this place is great! The restaurant itself could probably use a face lift but looks can be deceiving. I am always happy with my order, which they know by heart now which is pretty cool. They serve chips and salsa with any order so be sure to sample the salsa bar. I love the medium salsa and this green avocado-like one. Try it! Everyone that works there is super friendly and they always come by to make sure everything is ok. I mean, this should be normal at any restaurant, but we all know how that typically goes. I also think its funny that they play Mexican soap operas in the dinning area. Kind of fun to watch. ­čśë

Randy M. (Huntington Beach, CA)

Real Mexican food, not americanized!! ┬áThe only downfall is the location, but the food is authentic and the service is exquisite! ┬áGreat shrimp/octopus/abalone cocktail, or you can just get the shrimp cocktail. ┬áTheir wet burrito’s with the verde sauce are to DIE FOR!! ┬áprobably the best salsa bar i’ve ever been to also. ┬áTry it!

Andrew R. ( Corona, CA )

Great food at a decent price. I will say that you better not come between 12pm -1pm unless you want to wait in a 10 minute line lol. Overall their food is good, the service is great and their horchata is always fresh.

Steve S. ( Buena Park, CA )

I come here for breakfast mostly. I love their chorizo con huevos burrito (no beans lol) I’ve tried their other dishes but I always go back to the chorizo, yum. They also give a 10% discount for yelp users, not too shabby for a small taqueria.

Liz C. ( Burlingame, CA)

Little ‘ol unassuming me stepped into little unassuming Taqueria Las Comadres. Having driven by this place a thousand times, I thought I’d end my dinner hunt here. After searching the menu, I settled on what I know to be standard at most Mexican joints – the carne asada burrito. But I was worried that a regular burrito would not suffice so I ordered the “Carne Asada Super Burrito”. It’s ingredients were as listed: guac, carne asada, onion, green onion, rice, beans, lettuce, and tomatoes. I asked the woman at the cashier a few questions about the burritos but it was a bit hard for me to understand her answers. After settling on the carne asada burrito, she rang me up. $8.79 for one burrito?! They were having a special so my drink was free. I didn’t question it because I was tired and hungry. (Oh yes, free chips too) I waited for a few minutes before my food was ready and went to pick up the bag. OOF.. It was HEAVY. Peering inside I saw the most GIGANTIC MONSTROSITY of a burrito. Spanning about the length of my forearm, it was about three inches in width and two inches in depth. It must have weighed two pounds easily. I rushed home so excited to show my roommate. We laughed at how abnormally LARGE this thing was – I’m talking Guinness Book of World Records. No joke. They used TWO large tortillas to fit everything. Surprisingly it was very good too. I love their green sauce and even with beans and rice, the burrito was not too heavy. It will probably take me three days to finish this thing. It was so awesome getting a burrito that big. And THAT is what I call a VALUE meal.
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