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"Come and visit Taqueria Las Comadres, Best Mexican Food in Town"

Come in and try our fresh made menudo every Saturday and Sunday

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Location and hours of operation

Mon-Fri 8am-8pm Sat-Sun SAT 8am-4pm, SUN-8m-3pm

Customer Testimonials

Liz C. ( Burlingame, CA)

Little ‘ol unassuming me stepped into little unassuming Taqueria Las Comadres. Having driven by this place a thousand times, I thought I’d end my dinner hunt here.

After searching the menu, I settled on what I know to be standard at most Mexican joints – the carne asada burrito. But I was worried that a regular burrito would not suffice so I ordered the “Carne Asada Super Burrito”. It’s ingredients were as listed: guac, carne asada, onion, green onion, rice, beans, lettuce, and tomatoes.

I asked the woman at the cashier a few questions about the burritos but it was a bit hard for me to understand her answers. After settling on the carne asada burrito, she rang me up. $8.79 for one burrito?! They were having a special so my drink was free. I didn’t question it because I was tired and hungry. (Oh yes, free chips too)

I waited for a few minutes before my food was ready and went to pick up the bag. OOF.. It was HEAVY. Peering inside I saw the most GIGANTIC MONSTROSITY of a burrito. Spanning about the length of my forearm, it was about three inches in width and two inches in depth. It must have weighed two pounds easily.

I rushed home so excited to show my roommate. We laughed at how abnormally LARGE this thing was – I’m talking Guinness Book of World Records. No joke. They used TWO large tortillas to fit everything. Surprisingly it was very good too. I love their green sauce and even with beans and rice, the burrito was not too heavy.

It will probably take me three days to finish this thing. It was so awesome getting a burrito that big. And THAT is what I call a VALUE meal.

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